Latgale is a culturally and historically distinct province in Eastern Latvia. In earlier times, these lands were populated by the ancient Latgalians living in extensive contact with neighbouring Slavs, as well as Balto-Finnic peoples. Over the centuries, it has been an ethnically and religiously mixed area.  There are two distinct types of traditional clothing here, as seen in the counties of Northern and Southern Latgale.

Northern Latgale includes the former district of Abrene (which was partially incorporated into the Russian Federation), the northern part of Ludza, and the earlier parishes of Balvi, Baltinava, Viļaka, Rugāji, and Šķilbēni.  The traditional clothing of this area shows the persistence of centuries old characteristics, which was facilitated by the mutual connections between Latgalian and Balto-Finnic communities.

Southern Latgale comprises most of the former districts of Daugavpils, Rēzekne, and Ludza. The boundary between the two counties is formed by the earlier parishes of Kārsava, Mērdzene, and Nautrēni. The traditional clothing from the western part of the district of Daugavpils belongs with the Krustpils type and is therefore considered part of the Vidzeme tradition.

Folk costumes