Vidzeme is located in Central and Northern Latvia. Traditional clothing styles here are rooted in the clothing of the ancient Latgalians and Livonians and the area’s subsequent socio-economic development. There are several regions each with its own distinctive style: Western Vidzeme, Northern Vidzeme, Lielvārde, Piebalga, Eastern Vidzeme, and Krustpils. Even though culturally and historically Krustpils belongs with the Vidzeme tradition, today it is part of the province of Latgale. The lands on the left bank of the Daugava also belong to Vidzeme today, but historically and culturally were part of Zemgale.

Western Vidzeme comprises most of the former district of Rīga, as well as the western parts of Cēsis and Valmiera, which in earlier times were populated by Livonians.  The distinctive features of traditional clothing in this area grew out of centuries of interaction between Latvian and Livonian culture, as well the influence of Rīga as a major mercantile and artisanal centre. There are also similarities with the clothing from Northern Vidzeme.

Northern Vidzeme comprises most of the former districts of Valka and Valmiera, except for the coastal parishes. There are many similarities here with the clothing from Western Vidzeme.

Lielvārde consists of twelve parishes surrounding Lielvārde which were once part of the district of Rīga. These include Lielvārde, Lēdmane, Laubere, Krape, Madliena, Meņģele, Rembate, Jumprava, Vērene, Skrīveri, and partially Koknese and Aizkraukle. This is an area relatively close to Rīga, where clothing styles underwent rapid change in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Piebalga comprises the former districts of Cēsis, Vecpiebalga, and Jaunpiebalga, as well as the parishes of Druviena, Ranka, Veļķi, Gatarta, and Lizums. Piebalga had a strong craft weaving tradition in the nineteenth century which influenced styles of dress here.

Eastern Vidzeme comprises almost all of the earlier district of Madona and the eastern portion of Cēsis. A Selonian dialect is spoken in many of these parishes, which is the result of ongoing interaction between Latgalian and Selonian culture.

Krustpils consists of parishes that were once part of the district of Daugavpils. These include Krustpils, Ungurmuiža (Medņi), Vīpe, Līvani, Aiviekste, and some adjacent areas. Although these areas belong to Latgale today, the clothing is more similar to Eastern Vidzeme because of the longstanding connections between Latgalian and Selonian culture.  They are therefore considered part of the Vidzeme tradition.

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