Married Women’s Clothing from Zemgale

Brief information

  • Shirts – straight cut, mid-calf length with white embroidery and a turnover collar;
  • Skirts – pleated full skirts, striped or with woven vertical pattern bands;
  • Belts – patterned woven belts;
  • Jackets – plain, close-fitting dark jackets;
  • Shawls – white wool with narrow bands of interwoven patterns or multi-coloured shawls;
  • Headdresses – Married women wore tulle caps covered with a silk scarf;
  • Legwear – knee-length knitted patterned socks or knitted socks with embroidery;
  • Jewellery – the shawl was fastened with a large silver bubble brooch (burbuļsakta), while the ;shirt was fastened with one or more small silver annular brooches (saktas). A necklace of spherical silver beads was also an option.

History and Origin

Zemgales novada sievas tautastērps - Gitas Andersones mantojums.